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Sistar News: PRO LINE RED


High-performance abrasive paper discs with velcro. Corundum abrasive, binder made with resin over glue, semi-open coating, paper weight F. Suitable for sanding with machine of all types of supports and for sanding of preparation products (putty, polyester primer). Areas of use: Wood, Industry, Boating, Car-Body, Metal, Fiberglass.



Very flexible abrasive paper roll, multi-purpose, high-performance, no velcro connection. Abrasive aluminum oxide, binder with double resin, semi-enclosed coating, paper weight latex CD. Suitable for hand sanding of all types of supports and for sanding dry and wet preparation product. Areas of use: Wood, Industry, Marine, Automotive, Plastic, Metal.

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Sistar News: WYPALL X80 Steel Blue + Embossed roll paper

WYPALL X80 Steel Blue

Clean cloths thick and very resistant for hard cleaning jobs, high absorbency to work better and faster. The structure HYDROKNIT is performed using water jets which allow to weld soft and absorbent paper fibers to the very resistant non-woven cloth made of polypropylene. During the preparation of the surface with solvents or during the cleaning of grease and oil, these thick and compact cloths give always good results.

Code         Description           Size Cloth
152.8373     Brag-Box 160 cloths    31,8×42,7


Embossed roll paper

Roll of paper in pure cellulose with 2 film, extra quality not recycled. Embossed honeycomb structure for better absorbency. It does not contain optical brighteners.

Code           Description        Colour
575.8902        Roll 800 sheets     White

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