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Sistar News: Fill-One


Innovative system for clean and fast filling of pre-charged spray cans with paint in the color requested by the customer. The color changes are fast because there isn’t the need to clean the machine after filling. Using the Fill-One machine, in less than 20 seconds the spray can is filled with the favourite color. In fact, thanks to the patented cap FILL-CAP , the paint is poured and then transferred into the bottle through the cap and no by the metal tank , without dirtying and therefore isn’t the need to wash tank and piston of the machine at each change of color. Very compact design: only 135 mm in diameter and 385 mm in height.

FILL-ONE pneumatic
Pneumatic filling machine to be connected to a compressor. Use the pre-charged spray cans with a special patented cap FILL-CAP for fast and clean filling without waste. Requires a pressure of 7-9 psi bar/100-130 . Fully automated and secure , is activated by closing the front door. Can be fixed on a workbench or the base with metal legs . Fixed to the wall with the speaker stand is the ideal solution for having at hand without taking up space.

Cod. 406.0040

FILL-ONE manual
Manual filling machine for pre-charged spray cans with a special patented cap FILL-CAP for fast and clean filling without waste.
– Does not require compressed air and electricity
– Quiet and Secure
– Fast, Practical and Easy to use
– Maintenance costs eliminated

Cod. 406.0038

Spray cans pre-charged:

Sistar today it offers the widest range of spray cans with propellant pre-charged DME, to be used for each tinting system:
– One-component solvent-based paints and funds 1K
– Two-component solvent-based paints 2K
– Paints and funding systems Car Refinish water
– Enamels water-compatible
– Paints ready already diluted

Sistar is the official distributor for Italy and is the only organization that can provide assistance throughout the national territory.

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Sistar News – EASY FOAM 975 2 in 1 + MAS-KING

EASY FOAM 975 2-in-1

A single masking foam 2-in-1 for primer wet-on-wet and basecoat. Allows to work with greater speed and efficiency from a painting step to another without the need to de-mask and mask again. Applies inside of the mobile part of the bodycar. After applying the primer, it’s necessary eliminate the narrowest part of the curb. At this point, it’s possible paint directly without the need to mask again.


Code            Size
184.0975     35 mm x 30 m


Adhesive tape for masking the windshield, rear window and side windows. Protects the seals during painting eliminating the need to disassemble the crystal. The product is made from a sticky paper tape 52 mm wide and joined to a strip of flexible polyester film of 12 mm, with pre-cut every 38 mm to facilitate the application in the curves and corners. Mas-king is resistant up to 70°C.

Code           Size
12 mm x 10 m

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