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Sistar News: Sanding Bloks and Dry-Coat

Made of carbonaceous material, easy to remove paint defects. They are also used in the spot-repair to remove dust inclusions and sagging after painting and to prepare the surface for polishing. The sponge for the maintenance of abrasive blocks makes them last very long, adding a significant cost savings compared to traditional mini abrasive disks “disposable”.

Available in 3 grits:
– 800 grit – cod. 172.2500
– 1500 grit – cod. 172.2501
– 3000 grit – cod. 172.2503
sponge for maintenance – cod. 172.2505

Dust control for sanding. Applied with its tampon on fillers and primers before to sanding highlights the areas that are not sanded evenly. Available in two colors:
– BLACK for light-colored fillers and primers.
– ORANGE enhances the visibility of sanding of dark fillers and primers.

Kit contains 1 tampon and dust indicator
– Black – Code 173.8366
– Orange – Code 173.8368

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Sistar news: Fiber Global

Innovative abrasive fiber, high flexibility, effective and economical in relation to the duration and performance. Suitable for matting the cataphoresis, all paints and enamels especially hard.  Areas of  use: Car Refinish, Metals, Composite Materials, Boating, Production of vehicles, Decoration, Construction, Wood.

Abrasive: Aluminium oxide (VF), Silicon carbide (UF)
Support: non woven
Bonding: Resin over resin
Cover: Three-dimensional
Grane: VF (360) UF (1500)
Color: Red (VF) Grey (UF)

Code                  Size              Color            Grane
172.0470.360         115×230 mm         Red (VF)           P360
172.0470.1500       115×230 mm         Grey (UF)         P1500

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